The legal landscape is facing massive challenges.
We’re here to collaboratively work on the future of law.

Why we do it

Connecting the dots: We provide a wide range of services, activities and space to facilitate necessary innovation. And while we have some answers, we are constantly exploring new solutions and methods to improve further.

Reinventing the legal practice is a joint effort. See who has joined us so far in our journey to make legal services better for everyone.

Innovation Streams

In our innovation streams, our members explore new tools, techniques and approaches: Decision Automation, Legal Design Thinking, Agile, Scrum & Kanban for Legal, Coding for Lawyers and other formats.

In small groups, members focus on one specific topic per day, acquiring new skill- and mind sets, while sharing experiences with each other. All led by experienced facilitators who know the legal world inside and out.

For the development of these streams, we've joined forces with our education partner, Bucerius Executive Education.

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Law Firms

Today’s legal solutions require a better and deeper understanding of our clients, their businesses and their legal needs. Reinvent provides the unique opportunity to collaborate closely with our clients and build new legal services from the ground up.
Dr. Matthias Scholz Managing Partner Germany and Austria, Baker McKenzie


The influence of the next legal tech generation is the ecosystem’s fertilizer. We’re honored to collaborate with Goethe University's Legal Tech Lab to promote an active exchange.

The Legal Tech Lab will be hosting regular events, meetups and hackathons in our workspace. And you’re invited! Learn more at

Are you a student and interested in taking part in the legal evolution? Do you want to use our space for your next event? Drop us a message.

Legal Tech Meetups,
Hackathons, Legal
Innovators Circle

Reinvent is hosting a large number of events to actively foster the legal innovation community and be its epicenter.


Member companies have designated seats in the co-working area to encourage close integration into the ecosystem.